Antonio Ballesteros - Principal

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Mr. Antonio Ballesteros

The year 2020 brings with it an opportunity to head into the new decade and also to reflect on where we have been, where we are at in the present and where we are going.  This year we celebrate the many accomplishments in our school that have allowed us to become the best middle school in ECISD.  Elias Longoria Sr. Middle School celebrates the academic accomplishments of our students and staff that resulted in our school receiving 6 out of 7 Advanced Academic Distinction Designations from TEA.  Panthers were also able to excel in bringing numerous accolades in the Fine Arts, athletics and academics.  Celebrating what we have accomplished in the past gives us an opportunity to relish in the present but also to dream and hope about greater things that are to come. 

This year’s Panther Yearbook theme, Remembering When, gives us an opportunity to look into our past, live in the present and hope for our future.  As students look at how they looked when they were young, they may not remember details, thoughts or even an inkling on who they will eventually become.  The process of who they want to and will become is defined by the present.  Longoria Middle School continues to be the place where students will start to craft, one skill at a time, who they will eventually want to become.  Years from now, as you look into the 2020 yearbook, you will be re-connecting with friends, remembering people, places and events at LMS, and more than likely reconnecting with yourselves and your goals, dreams challenges and aspirations, the heartaches and disappointments, but most of all you will be remembering the special place we have come to call home.  Elias Longoria Sr. Middle School, home of the Mighty Panthers.  Panthers Pride will live Forever!